Why Shark Vacuum Cleaner is The Best?

When it comes to vacuum cleaner one of the top brands that we here are Shark. They are certainly a trusted name that offers products with superior quality. Here are some things that would give you an even better view of Shark vacuum cleaners.

Types of Shark Vacuum Models

Mainly there are 3 main kinds of Shark vacuum cleans that Shark offers. Each of these models comes with a unique feature that appeals the model. Here are these models-

  • Navigator-The Shark Navigator is one of the oldest and most traditional models of Shark. They are easy to use and move around the furniture. They are a simple and lightweight product.
  • Rotator-As the name suggests Rotator vacuum model by Shark has boosted swivel steering and they have a comparatively more ergonomic design. Because of their heavy built they are more used for heavy cleaning
  • Rocket-These models from Shark are significantly different from the above two. They come with motor unit equipped close to their handle. These models are easy to move, lightweight, and can be easily reached on the hard surfaces.

Dyson Vs Shark

Dyson Vs Shark basically is two brands that manufacture vacuum cleaners that are ruling the industry currently. They are in this stage today because of the versatile products that they offer their customers. Both the brands of vacuum cleaners offer superior performance without any choking and suction loss. Moreover, they can be used on the floors both carpeted and non-carpeted. Let’s discuss Dyson Vs Shark to see which one wins.

When it comes to comparing the two brands you will see that both these brands are equipped with similar technology like bagless containers for accumulating the dirt and dust. The designs of both these vacuums come with same features like a switch for brushing the carpeted floor or you want to brush the floor that doesn’t have carpet.

But the major difference between Shark and Dyson is their pricing. Dyson vacuum cleaners are rather expensive as compared to Shark. Addition these vacuum cleaners are also heavier. One another thing to note is that Shark Vacuum cleaners come with comparatively shorter cords and they are also lighter.

Both these brands also offer different warranty; the main model of Dyson comes with the warranty of 5 years, Shark, on the other hand, offers 7-years warranty. Dyson’s vacuum cleaner with cordless feature comes with a warranty of 2-years, Shark at the same time lightweight Rocket model have the warranty of 5 years. It is quite clear that Shark is the winner when it comes to warranty but Dyson still provides better warranty than other brands.

Which Shark Vacuum is Best?

Getting one answer to which shark vacuum is best is going to be quite a difficult task since most of their models are of superior quality. However, let’s list out some of the best Shark Vacuum cleaners.

  1. Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaners featuring Dust-Away

Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner comes with Lift-Away technology that allows you to lift up the canister using a single button. This comes in handy when you have to reach to hard-to-surfaces. It is a powerful model yet quite lightweight which makes them a great product to have around.


– Lift-Away Technology

– 2-in-1 Vacuum

– Anti-Allergen Seal Technology

– Washable microfiber along with 2 pads


– The model is extremely well constructed

– It is powerful but lightweight

– With Lift-Away technology you can do some deep cleaning


– The Plastic chips lacks quality

– The luster is quite thin

  1. Shark Rotator featuring Lift-Away Upright

This is another model by Shark that comes with Lift-Away technology. Its versatile feature makes it the second-best choice for people who are looking for an effective vacuum cleaner. Here are the main features of Shark Rotator with Lift-Away.


  • It comes with Lift-Away technology
  • The product comes with superior pet power brush
  • It features Anti-Allergen seal technology along with HEPA filter
  • Innovative rotating steering featuring LED headlights


  • It is great for deep cleaning
  • It comes with great feature for the price it offers
  • The attachment of upholstery works really great


  • The suction has some complaints
  • The motor seized in the middle which creates convenience
  • The unit is quite hefty to lift


Shark is known for its superior quality. And among its great line of products, these above-mentioned models were most popular products by the company.