Deciding What Type Of Long Range Scope Ring Is Right For You

Many hunters are on the quest to find the best long range scope for their needs. If you’ve ever shopped for scope rings you know just what a daunting process this can be. There are quite a few options available. A lot of hunters just go with whatever long range scope ring they find for their rifle because they aren’t really sure what else to choose. Here’s a little bit more information about the options you have. You can use it to decide which type of long range scope ring is right for you.

Scope Rings That Are One Piece

There are some advantages to choosing scope rings that only have one piece. They tend to be stronger and more rigid than other types of scope rings. Unfortunately they can be heavier, which can deter some hunters. This is especially true if they have issues with trying to keep their hands steady when they’re shooting. Some hunters do also report issues with chamber clearance if they are using bolt action rifles.

There’s often difficulty when trying to load a single round. For many though, this isn’t a problem. This type of scope allows for automatically alignment so it can make shots a lot more accurate. If you have had issues with accuracy in your shooting, you might want to consider this type of scope. While these scopes do cost more money, many hunters are happy to pay it as they find that they get more out of their scope.

Scope Rings That Have Two Piece

Some people do find that there are some advantages to using a two piece scope ring. For one, they are lighter so if you have a carbine rifle, this can be very beneficial. They also allow a hunter to access the chamber fairly quickly. This is great for those hunters that need to do this often. For those that want a scope that allows for more room to load rounds, this is a great option.

However, for those that use a semi automatic, this is irrelevant.They are also a lot more affordable and are interchangeable with the majority of all rifles. One of the drawbacks of this type of scope is that if a screw starts to back out, they won’t have the ability to keep the base solid like a one piece scope can.

Two piece scope rings do tend to be a lot more affordable than one piece scope rings. This is a big perk for hunters that are looking to save some money. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of scope rings. Price shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing between the two.

Before purchasing one or the other, really think about what your needs are. You might find that you have to purchase both a one piece and a two piece scope ring in order to meet your hunting needs. If you are the type of person that likes to hunt a lot, this can be a great investment.